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Sunset Series

Brewed By Belinda - Golden Tea Infuser

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Oooooh la la!


Prepare to fall in love with our gorgeous GOLD custom made tea infuser perfect for brewing 'Brewed By Belinda' loose leaf teas + tisanes.


Made with food-grade quality stainless steel, the infuser has fine mesh (to prevent smaller ingredients from making their way into your brew), convenient handles and a lid.


Simply spoon your fav BBB loose leaf tea into the infuser, place it in your fav cup so the handles rest on the sides.  Pour hot water over the leaves and let it brew as to your liking. Simply remove the infuser from the cup when ready and sit it inside the lid.


Tap the loose leaves out into green waste or garden when finished and rinse the infuser for next time.


Easy peasy and super fancy.


Remember... in the spirit of Spandau Ballet... YOU ARE GOLD! x


Dimensions 10.3 x 7.4cm