Terms and Conditions

Delivery Times

Deliveries will be made anywhere between 9am and 6:30pm on  selected delivery date. If you require a specific delivery time please call us on 8344 1776 as there may be extra charges added.

Same day delivery

We are able to provide same day delivery if your order is in before 12pm. All orders made after this time will be sent out on the next day’s deliver run and the customer will be either phoned or emailed.

Days we deliver

Please note we only deliver from 9am-6:pm Monday to Saturday

Unable to deliver flowers

If we are unable to access the property or the delivery address isn’t accurate we will do our best to contact the customer with the number provided. Please note that there will be extra delivery fees added if we need to go back to the property later or the address is wrong.

Flower types

Images reflect the style and colours that will be present in the bouquet only. As flowers and availability change throughout the year we endeavour to stick to with what is in season in order for your flowers to look their best and last the longest.

Customer Orders

We hope to cater to everyone here at Sunset Series so if you are after a certain type of flower or arrangement for that extra special occasion feel free to contact us directly on 8344 1776 and we are more than happy to help you.

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